Help 100K UX & Product Design Students & Professionals to Achieve Career Success on a Fast Track

UX Career Acceleration Formula (or UXCAF in short) is the platform build for guiding UX & Product Design professionals to first get clarity on their goals and then achieve them with focus.

Digital Product Design is an evolving discipline which brings its own possibilities and challenges. This is a field in which incremental and practical learning is the best bet for achieving success. There is tons of guidance available on tools, methods and technology. The same is not true for strategy, business and interdisciplinary thinking around this profession. In short, lack of industry orientation is preventing people from maximizing their potential.

This very thought led to conception of bringing in practical guidance on industry readiness and career strategy for designers.

Anything that stops designers from excelling professionally could be overcome with the right guidance and efforts. That is the thought process behind UXCAF.


Career Success &
Job Readiness Essentials

UXCAF is a practical guidance system designed for UX & Product Design students and Professionals in order help them achieve career excellence in the current competitive and fast paced world.

Job readiness by no means is related to employment alone, same principles work for self employment and entrepreneurship as well. So let’s call it industry readiness.

All UXCAF courses are designed based on 4 core principles: Practicality , Relatability, Micro Learning & Outcome Orientation


Courses designed based on practical industry experience 


Usable course content is created considering its relatability for learners

Micro Learning

Learning experience is structured into smaller, easy to follow chunks

Outcome Orientation

Courses structured with goal oriented progression

Real World Learning Formula

Gone are the days where where study and practise were done separately. Gone are the days where people had a linear progression and single career path. Gone are the days when one could afford to live under a stone and expect for success.

A learner must also be a doer. Failing fast is not just expected, but also respected. Exploration is essential. Professions and industries failing to remain relevant are dying. New fields are opening up. Possibilities are enormous, for those who understand the era we are in.


UXCAF is based on a learning model relevant to the current times. Practical wisdom based micro learning modules to solve the exact problems professionals are facing today.

UXCAF brings a series of world class, handcrafted, first-of-its-kind courses created for the UX Design ecosystem to address problems regarding industry awareness, job readiness, employment, career strategy, systematic progression based on actual industry experience.

UXCAF is conceived and created by Shama Rasal based on her massive 2 decades of experience in UX & Product Design. Shama has experienced a career progression from being a design student to heading international design teams. She had experienced various roles that of an enthusiast, student, learner, designer, manager, mentor, leader working for organizations of all sorts from start-ups till global market leading product companies.

Welcome to the real world learning revolution!

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