UX Career Accelerator Formula is a first of its kind venture which focuses on working as a catalyst in the UX & Product Design employability & job readiness scene. 

It is a brainchild of course creator and mentor Shama Rasal who had been a practising design professional way before UX was the buzzword. While mentoring younger designers she was amused by the fact that 2 decades after she entered the design field new aspirants are still asking the same questions and having the same queries. This surprised her considering the god of Google was omnipresent!

Shama figured out that designers were not being strategic about managing their careers. They needed systematic guidance for overcoming the evident but time-sucking hurdles during their initial years, sometimes even much senior design pros also needed this guidance. This inspired her to form UXCAF based on her own experience.

Shama Rasal

Career Acceleration Coach

Shama Rasal is a Digital Product Design Expert and Mentor with 18+ years of experience. She has worked in a variety of work environments like global MNCs, companies leading in specific domain, start-ups, research labs.

Shama loves deep diving into problems, building strategies to solve design problems most efficiently, building design systems and helping folks learn from her experience. Designing for Next Billion Users (NBU) and emerging technologies are her areas of interest. 

She always felt that her career would have shaped much better had she found the right mentors earlier on. Hence it gives her immense joy to be able to guide folks so that they get an opportunity to excel and accelerate in their own careers.

Here is a slightly longer version of her story.

Shama worked for various respected global organisations for over 14 years, to arrive at the summit of her career only to realise that she had climbed the wrong mountain! So she did what she could… starting for the mountain that she really wanted to scale.

After moving on from her corporate career in 2017 she had been a hustler attempting to build start-up(s) and learning new skills while handling consulting gigs on side. She consult for start-ups building products for the Next Billion Users.

Shama loves lending her expertise to help organisations with setting up their design teams. She has designed multiple products which acquired multi million users in different parts of the world. She has designed for B2C, B2B products and has delved into design research as well. 

Nokia Nearby, Nokia Life, Adobe Capture would be some of her widely used products. 

Shama has designed products for India, US, Europe, Japan, Indonesia, China, Nigeria so far and had worked with people from all over the world. This gives her an understanding of designing products for multiple cultural usage. 

Shama has been mentoring aspiring UX designers for over past 6 years now.

According to her…

“Past couple of years helped me find my purpose which lies in helping and guiding others. I have learnt the hard way, by doing mistakes and correcting them. While this is a worthwhile process, it’s time consuming, not to mention the cost of lost opportunities. 

I am on a mission to prevent you from doing the mistakes I did in my professional life. This in turn should also help folks accelerate in their careers by saving years on trial and error learning.”

As of now, Shama is enjoying building online courses solving various practical problems people face in the design ecosystem. These courses are based on her own real experiences and hence the teaching approach is very practical.

She is aggressively working on her mission to help 100K UX & Product Design Students & Professionals to achieve career success on a fast track. 

“A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.” 
Bob Proctor