UX Interview Questions Bank

Exhaustive list of questions asked during an interview for any UX design role.

Interview Prep Checklist

List of items to check before an interview in order to ensure your preparedness to ace the interview

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Book Recommendations

 Top Book Recommendations for Career Building, Employment and Achieving goals

What color is your parachute?

The legendary book especially superb for making career choices.

Atomic Habits

Superb practical guide to assure sustained long term success. 

What got you here won’t get you there

Superb book for aspirants looking for career progression and in need of a breakthrough.


Good read for those who might still be deliberating over their life purpose

Blue Ocean Strategy

A valuable approach for creating a market differentiation strategy for yourself


UX Design Bootcamp

This is a self paced learning course defined in a 6 months online bootcamp format with 1:1 mentorship. This is one of the most respected globally recognized certifications in the UX e-learning space today. This one also closes with a portfolio, capstone project, internship and job guarantee! 

Most valuable parts of this bootcamp are the 1:1 mentorship and internship. Springboard has been in online UX e-learning space for way more than any other courses that you see today and that reflects on the depth in the curriculum. 

It might feel a little expensive but this certification makes you ready for global UX job market.

Highly recommended!


Content Supertool: AI based Instant Content Generator

Peppertype is a Virtual Assistant software for all your content needs. Anything from writing social posts to detailed product descriptions or even personal bios can be churned out with this tool.

Highly recommend it for copy writing as well as creating copy for keeping the momentum up on social media platforms.

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